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Residential Design

Office Design

Hospitality Design

Commercial Design

Custom designs & Renovations

We will custom design, fabricate and install new spaces according to your budget, style and needs. Complex projects can be simplified for better installation and better results. As a full-service remodeling company, we offer a wide array of products and services to help give your spaces complete makeover.

On-site Consultations

By visiting your place for two days of focused work, your visioneering studios at Inside Mantra quickly engages our team to create momentum and excitement for your project. You receive an excellent objective overview from our team.

Residential & Commercial Design Services

Custom Homes, and Landscaping Assistance in bringing out your ideas in remodeling, and making them a reality. Including job planning, requirements, definitions, working drawings, planning commissions right through to construction management.

Project Coordination & Management

Inside Mantra provides a comprehensive and integrated approach that can take your project from concept through planning and feasibility analysis to opening day from a owner's perspective.

Project survey & analysis

In-field measurements, drawings and documentation for the record, are maintained for the projects.Computer Aided Design and Drafting.Fast, efficient, accurate, and proven technologies for controlling your project.

Space planning & Furniture Arrangement

The designers at Inside Mantra have the creativity, confidence, and experience to create the space of your dreams. During yourconsultation, you'll spend time with an interior designer discussing the function of your room and how the flow can be improved.