The novel coronavirus threw us all into a unchartered teritorry, as for us like rest of the world are coping up with the challanges to keep our operations running. We modeled our business process to keep our business relevant as well as to ensure our customers and employees saftey. Please talk to our representatives for more information on our business updates and stay safe.

What are we doing to fight the spread

At Inside Mantra we are committed to keep our employees and customers safe during these trying times. We are following all standard social distancing and santitaion protocols as part of workplace reopenings. Here are our guidelines of our workplace reopenings.

>> At our job sites, Inside Mantra enforced restrictions to workers & subcontractors pertaining to social distancing and santiary measures as per NDC.

>>Social distancing, hand washing, no community water (individual bottles only), and use wipes on common areas, including portable toilet entrances and project entrances.

>>Reduce the exposure to our employees by rotating shifts.

>>Configure partitions as a barrier shield

>>Regular temperature checks

We are highly vigilant about our customer's safety. In this pandemic situation customer visits to our offices will be discretionary.